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Brighton Roofing

Chairman Mr Ian Farrell email Tel: 01273 418240



A combination of an excellent grass-growing season in the summer of 2016,coupled with exceptionally dry weather since the start of this season, has meant that hardly any matches have been called off. Things may,of course, change ,and we might start having problems when we resume the programme,but indications are we should be in a position to complete our fixtures in good time.

It is always disappointing to see clubs/teams withdrawing in-season ,and the loss of Hove United early in the season ,plus the withdrawal of Southwick Rangers first team recently ,means less football for remaining clubs.It is particularly unfortunate to see the latter pull out,as they were promoted to the Premier Division at the end of the 2015/16 season ;maybe it indicates a  significant gap between Intermediate and Junior football,although Hangleton have performed well in their first season in the top flight.

Before Christmas ,Ernie Coleman and I ,along with representatives of other Leagues using Brighton parks,attended a meeting with the Director of Cityparks at Brighton and Hove Council,at which the concept of clubs/Leagues taking over responsibility for pitches/facilities was raised. It is no secret that the City Council has a major financing problem,and we are mindful of ever-increasing prices,so we will consult clubs when we have attended a follow-up meeting this month. Worthing Council are ahead of the pace on matters like this ,with the Rotary Ground already subject to a lease arrangement.

I have attended games every Saturday this season ,and have been quite  impressed by the quality of football being played,but there is still a problem with the attitude of some players towards match officials.Our Referees Secretary, Sean Gibney,strives to ensure that all games are covered, and we owe it to him to support his appointed officials. Please remember,in an average match, a referee is required to deal with upwards of 50 situations,not an easy task,and mistakes are made. Decision making is the crux of a referee’s job, and much of the time they get it right!

I am pleased to report that the League’s financial position has been clarified following excellent work done by Ernie to get the 2 existing bank accounts amalgamated. After a tortuous succession of discussions with Santander ,we finally have everything in place, and can now move forward with a more structured approach to financial accounting.


A belated Happy New Year to you all, enjoy your football when we resume



                                                                IAN FARRELL

                                                                Chairman BWDFL

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