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Kickit out

Season 1919 - 1920

League Table currently unavailable but the compilation of the league is shown below.


Division 1              
Pos Team Pl W D L F A Pts
  Brighton Railway Athletic              
  Brighton & Hove Amateurs              
  St. Margaret's Athletic              
  Vernon Athletic              
Division 2              
Pos Team Pl W D L F A Pts
  Allen West              
  Brighton Labex              
  Brighton Railway Athletic II              
  Brighton & Hove Amateurs II              
  Hove St. Andrew's              
  Hove Railway Athletic              
  Kemp Town              
  Newhaven II              
  Queen's Park              
  Royal Artillery              
  St. Margaret's Athletic II              
  Southwick II              
  Worthing II              
Division 3              
Pos Team Pl W D L F A Pts
  Aldrington United              
  Allen West II              
  Anchor Brewery              
  Brighton Excelsior              
  Diamond Athletic              
  Eastdale Athletic              
  Hove CAV              
  KRR Cadets              
  Old 13th BB              
  St. Peter's              
  St. Saviours              
  Vale Swifts              
  Worthing YMCA              
  Yale Athletic              
Division 1: At the end of the season Brighton & Hove Amateurs, Lewes, Newhaven, Shoreham,
Vernon Athletic and Worthing left to join the newly formed Sussex County League.

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