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Kickit out

Development Officer

League Development

The League Vision Statement is:

“To ensure the continuing provision of affordable, competitive football for the people of the City of Brighton and Hove and surrounding district in a manner to which the individuals feel approachable”


The League is committed to stemming the decline in number of players wishing to participate in 11-a-side competitions and at a minimum maintain the current number of Clubs and Teams. This must be achieved by encouraging new clubs and additional teams for the existing clubs.


Academy Division

The League is exploring the creation an Academy Division (U18/U21) linking with youth Leagues and youth clubs currently offering under 16/18 competition with a view to encourage the natural progression and transition from youth to adult football.


Veterans Division

The League is also considering the formation of a Veterans Division to encourage our more mature players to remain within the League.


Charter Standard Club Status

We wish to encourage clubs to investigate the advantages of and becoming Chater Standard. Already 15% of our Clubs have achieved this standard.


Specialised Training

The League recognises the importance of each team having members trained in first aid. The introduction of Emergency Aid Courses during the 2009/2010 season is being continued to provide further courses and funding to ensure that qualifications are gained and renewed and that teams are provided with a suitable First Aid Kit.

It is also advantageous to ensure that all teams have a trained referee and assistant referee and we shall be arranging courses to cover these enormously important aspects of running a successful club.

We will endeavour to encourage, through courses, all clubs to have people with coaching qualifications thereby improving the quality of players.

Respect is still at the forefront of the League’s agenda and this includes respect for officials, opponents, supporters and not least The Game.

Running of the League

We wish to improve the standard and quality of our club administration by providing training seminars and workshop, since effective club administration significantly reduces the workload for both the Clubs and the League Officers.

The League’s innovation of paper-less systems are now being implemented provide greater efficiency and are less complicated and time consuming which in turn reduces costs for all. These systems are now being copied and adopted by other Leagues and Counties.  

The League is working in partnership with the local City Council to encourage the maintenance of existing football facilities and also working with Community Associations to ensure the long term availability of pitches and facilities.

The Brighton Hove & District Football League are also proud to be developing the running of the League Representative Team who achieved runners-up success in last season’s county competition.

Further Information

Should you require any further information or assistance on the development of the League or your Club please contact the League Development Officer